TL – Cheshire

I have a 20 year history of neck pain which was made worse by two road  traffic accidents one in 1993 and a second in 2011. I had got to the stage where I just began to accept this pain as something that would never go away. This pain would be worse during long car journeys, when sat at my computer and would often ruin holidays when I had to sleep on a different type of pillow. I had previously gone down the route of physiotherapy treatment which would alleviate the symptoms but only in the short term. Over the years the symptoms were getting worse and I decided to consult Emma to see if there was anything that she could do.

Her initial assessment was very thorough and what was noteworthy was that Emma wasn’t solely concerned about my neck pain she was interested in me holistically, my general well-being and other health problems that I had.

After approximately six sessions of acupuncture over four months My neck pain is now 95% improved which is brilliant-and this is a pain that I thought I would have to tolerate indefinitely. I can now control the residual symptoms with stretches. I am a keen runner and the interesting thing is, along the way, Emma has picked up on injuries via examination that I did not even mention to her namely some knee and ankle problems. Emma has also treated these and as a result my running has improved significantly to the point where I am running personal bests in my 40s which is an unexpected bonus.

To summarise, I am absolutely delighted with my treatment from Emma. I wish I had consulted her earlier and I would highly recommend not only her excellent clinical skills and treatment but her professional, friendly and caring manner.

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