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Acupuncture has a long history of being used to help during all the stages of pregnancy, from conception to birth. Traditional beliefs suggest that in order for a conception to be successful the body needs to have a balanced Qi and Acupuncture is used to release any blockages in the QI and help by preparing the body for pregnancy or conception.

Acupuncture can then be used throughout all stages of pregnancy and should be seen as an aid to balanced living and not a ‘magic cure’ in its own right.

Centrally located at Sutton House, 27 Wilson Patten Street, Warrington, WA1 1PG, Acupuncture That Works are now able to offer treatments to people from Warrington and the surrounding areas such as Great Sankey, Callands, Westbrook, Stockton Heath, Padgate, Woolston and Fearnhead. Wherever you are based why not call us today and find out about the range of treatments available at convenient times for you.

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Acupuncture for sickness in pregnancy

Pregnancy AcupucntureUsing Acupuncture during pregnancy has been shown to help with the symptoms of Nausea and Vomiting, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy when you cannot take anything for it.

A study published in the American journal ‘Birth’ based on research carried out at Adelaide University found that acupuncture had the ability to significantly change the way women felt. The study of over 600 women who were less than 14 weeks pregnant and presenting symptoms of nausea and vomiting showed that weekly 20 minute sessions of acupuncture over a four week period was enough to produce measurable results.

Fertility Acupuncture

Using acupuncture for fertility is a well established protocol which has been used successfully by eastern medical practitioners for centuries.

The basis for the treatment lies with the Qi, the channels of energy that eastern practitioners believe flow through the body, and the work an acupuncturist will do is to free any blockages in these channels as inhibition in the Qi can result in people feeling unwell. Releasing the flow in the channels restores a feeling of wellbeing and in so doing it can help to improve fertility.

Now it should be stressed that there are many other factors to consider in this process like for example diet, as a typical Western diet can be loaded with fats and salt which can unbalance the body so acupuncture should be used in conjunction with other sensible healthy living measures such as regular exercise and a balanced diet to get the best effect.

It is clear that Acupuncture will not miraculously make an infertile person fertile. Much like Western medicine there is no ‘magic cure’ however acupuncture should be considered as part of an overall treatment regime to help with the process of conception and fertility.

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy acupuncture is something that should be considered as part of a healthy living programme and if you are committed to getting pregnant and keeping healthy in pregnancy then you should give us a call.

We can treat women and men for fertility issues and after conception we can help with all stages of pregnancy up to the birth.

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