When should you start acupuncture for fertility?

In recent years, acupuncture has become an increasingly popular alternative therapy for women and couples with fertility challenges.

At Acupuncture That Works, we are immensely proud to have helped countless women to conceive, many of whom had been struggling for years to have a baby.

How can acupuncture improve fertility?

Acupuncture is thought to improve fertility in patients by reducing feelings of mental and physical stress, balancing the immune system, and increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

It is often used in conjunction with IVF and other fertility treatments to create the ideal conditions required for conception.

When should you start acupuncture for fertility?

Every patient’s fertility journey is different, and often we are approached by individuals undergoing IVF who want to boost their chances of implantation.

In these instances, we advise they start acupuncture sessions three months before beginning their IVF treatments.

If, however, you are not using IVF, acupuncture can still be beneficial in boosting your immune system and fertility. Often acupuncture is used alongside alternative fertility therapies recommended by doctors.

How many acupuncture sessions should you have for fertility?

After an initial assessment, during which you will discuss your fertility story, health, lifestyle and any concerns you may have, your acupuncturist will devise tailored sessions that match your individual needs.

In most cases, it is recommended you attend between one and three sessions a week, particularly if this is before planned IVF.

Each session will last between 20 minutes and an hour, with most patients finding their time in the clinic both relaxing and therapeutic.

During the session, hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin at specific acupoints. The process is generally painless, with the majority of people stating that all they feel is mild pressure followed by a sense of calm.

Does acupuncture for fertility really work?

As acupuncture has increased in popularity, so has the growing body of evidence suggesting that this therapy can, in fact, increase embryo implantation rates.

Implantation relies on a healthy blood supply to the uterus, particularly when using IVF, and acupuncture is thought to help improve the blood flow to the reproductive organs as well as regulate the immune system.

There are many ongoing studies into the efficacy of acupuncture for fertility, and including a recent one that demonstrated a 26 per cent increase in conception rates when acupuncture was used in conjunction with IVF.

Acupuncture for fertility with ATW

Over the years, we have helped countless women and couples become pregnant and give birth to beautiful, healthy babies.

We are proud to have our resident ‘baby maker’ Emma as part of the team – someone who has a proven track record for helping bring bundles of joy into the world!

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